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photo by Beth A. McGuire

Summer is finally drawing to a close in Atlanta. Having made the final move to the new space in
Tucker, Georgia, Real Photography is looking forward to creating images in this beautiful new space.


I create portraits with a camera for both business and for personal purposes.

You may think that all you need is a fresh “head shot.” You may also be wondering what the difference is between a Head Shot and a
Business Portrait. There shouldn’t be any difference at all. Both should have one goal: for you to look your best and be your best in a
photograph that conveys the best version of you that is possible.

With Michael D McGuire of Real Photography, everyone has a chance to have a fresh, creative portrait created of yourself, a loved one,
or your family. If it’s for your business, or to create a current portrait of a family gathering (a family is two or more related people), including
your pets, please get in touch.

It’s probably time to get that portrait you’ve been putting off rather sooner than later to make sure you are looking your best on
LinkedIn, Facebook and any other social media where you need to have your image.


(this number is the best number at which to reach me)


And Now For Something
Completely Different

Hidden within each of us is a secret self, an individual that no one has ever seen or heard, a wild and
crazy and incredibly unique individual who desperately needs, wants and desires to be seen and heard.  Sometimes, on a special Halloween, a glimpse of this individual emerges from within our subconscious. 

Now, when a woman wants to make a statement, to release her secret self, or to explore an alternative
character, there are now

Phabulous Phantasies for Adventurous Women.


Scarlett’s Phantasie

To find out more about these Phabulous Phantasies by Michael, Naomi Fox, and Heather Thomason, just click on the image above…

REal Photography

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