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photo by Beth A. McGuire

There is something new available: If you are a Rest Estate Agent who needs or wants professional photographs of the
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“Sumer is acumen in, Lude sing the cuckoo.” This is a quote from a long time ago and a great time to hire a professional photographer to record the portraits and events for your family’s history – or your own personal history. It is also a great time to update that image for your business that shows you at your best to the rest of the world. You may think that all you need is a fresh “head shot.” You may also be wondering what the difference is between a Head Shot and a Business Portrait. There is none at all. Both should have one goal: for you to look your best and be your best in a photograph that conveys the best version of you.

We know just the photographer to create that image!

Michael D McGuire, of the Metro Atlanta area would be that person. With his passion for the last 40 years for creating warm, happy
and effective images are made that become an important part of your family’s history.
He creates portraits by using his camera for business as well as personal purposes.

He also has one vey important rule while creating any portraits:

We will have a good time.

With Michael D McGuire of Real Photography, everyone has the chance to have a fresh, creative portrait created of yourself, a loved one, or your family. Whether it’s for your business, or to create a current portrait of a family gathering (a family is two or more related people), including your pets, now is the time to make that appointment.


It is definitely time to get that portrait you’ve been putting off to make sure you are looking your best on LinkedIn, Facebook and any other social media where you need to have your new image.


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